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Parnell Tonny

Everyone wants to make money from AI and ChatGPT  

Everyone wants to make money from AI and ChatGPT "Artificial intelligence fast architecture"

No one has yet thought of winning world domination by help from "Artificial intelligence, - - - who will be the first movers ?


I will immediately announce that I have no understanding of strategic war or defense
The imagined scenarios below are only my thoughts in relation to my professional knowledge of AI "artificial intelligence"

You can make money from AI by creating - and a hysterical and nervous "hype" as already has been created around AI and ChatGPT
- - - AI is what you "call" artificial intelligence, but what you "call" - "AI", is de facto only a new intelligent and extremely fast calculation method that in collaboration with Microsoft -  Google and "Azure".  the combination of an extremely "intelligent" way to store "extremely" large and not least, the new "ReFS" data store formatting and quickly accessible data blocks in a hierarchical order where the "checksum"(What is a checksum? ) is used as a parameter in an SQL statement. - - All are the ingredients of future development that results in an extremely fast response time, which is necessary to match the human brain, just on specific selected subjects and very very far from all.

If we are to approach something that "just looks like" the human intelligence, we need to use extremely large, (100-200 X larger) amounts of data and 100 times faster response time than we, even with the new AI architecture, can process, store and access today.

Imagine then that we "educate and specialize" AI robots - robot software, in 10 groups, (as some people are Doctors, others are craftsmen, some are pilots, - - the Ukrainian pilots are missing, - the Russian ones are shot down ) - then we are within a capacity where we within approx. 1 - 2 years can develop "special group artificial intelligence robots - software" - - - that can, for example, operate on a human and do a "Bypass Surgical heart operation" that is much safer because the robot has not drunk too much the day before. - - - - or we can replace the pilots Ukraine lacks, and extremely effectively stop the war in Ukraine by developing. - - -Read below: "Development of a drone with extreme fast--"
If the new hyper fast lightweight drone has lost visual contact or the first Mig29 is destroyed, the new weapon can extremely quickly, activate the SIM card and ask the satellite for new GEO targets, or the intelligent weapon can "Thermal search" a new Mig29, and again, visually lock onto the new target. - - - without activating the SIM card and the new weapon can no longer be targeted by the enemy.

My first teaching lessons taught me to understand data encryption,(Calculate a checksum: ) and transfer of encrypted data blocks with checksum, via RS232 connection, - - the same technique I used to program the very first monochrome DotMatrix Printers, before Windows and before printer drivers, but raw data transfer programmed in Hex decimals (Hexadecimal)( machine language) - fast - secure and stable.

We still use secure RS232 for data transfer between critical data environments.

It seems that the new extremely fast AI algorithm is created, - reinvented, by an intelligent SQL statement and (machine language "ML") with which we originally programmed the first printer drivers, whose basic rules, and language, only very few, today master.

AI, or "charGPT", where the Algorithm is first used, is programmed in "Python", but it turns out that "VB6" and "VB.NET" - "C#.NET", together with an intelligent SQL statement for the new fast "NtFS" formatted storage architecture , gives the fastest performance in all tests.

Microsoft has just per 2024/01/17 announced a new architecture for extremely large data storage, which constitutes a large part of the power that lies in the further development of "artificial intelligence"

We started with "Dos", where a given result had to be found in a line with a higher or lower value (what we use today as "GoTo:") - - later data was separated in a simple jagged magnetic strip. (My first magnetic card was 4 bytes), Then the disk formatting with "FAT" for dos, - then the fast "NTFS" windows storage architecture and now the new "Dev Drive" builds on "ReFS" technology to employ targeted file system optimizations and provide very fast key access, more control over storage volume settings and security, which forms part of the overall AI "Artificial Intelligence" architecture, with more trusted designation, antivirus configuration, encrypted fast access and administrative control over what filters are attached, and only that, - in which datablock. - - - (This access can be transmitted by RS232 connection.)

Dev Drive is built on the Resilient File System (ReFS) and combined with the new performance mode capability of VB.NET, provides up to 30% better performance for overall build, and 21% better performance built by Pyhton.

ChatGPT is a company, consisting of skilled computer scientists who have developed an extremely fast calculation model by combining (a "hint" of the RS232 technology) - VB6 (which is the best from Microsoft) and "Azure"- -(or a large private - - military data store with the new fast ReFS formatting. - - which is necessary for "intelligent" storage and quick access to sufficiently large amounts of data). - (understand a "cryptographic hash function" : )

It is the combination that Microsoft has now presented as an API that can be downloaded for free under the "openAI" license at NuGet.com.
You can also find the sauce code for an AI ChilkatAPI, programmed in "Python" and VB6, for free under Chilkat ActiveX 64 bit JSON Downloads: https://www.example-code.com/vb6/rest_json.asp

ChatGPT has also programmed their API in the development language "Python", but the most comfortable language for further development of AI seems to be VB.NET. - - Chilkat ActiveX 64 bit JSON, you can also download in asp.net

What can we use AI for? (We completely forget chatGPT, which is just an API. among several in which AI technology is used)

AI technology will change the world radically. - - AI can fight and win wars, but can also prevent and stop wars.

AI could, when implemented in a defense system, tell and warn Israel about all Hamas tunnels throughout the Gaza Strip, and could have informed Israel in good time about Hamas's plans for the massacre on 7 October 23 and exactly which tunnel exits Hamas would use, as well as the exact time when Israel could "take the terrorists at the door" - when they emerged from their hiding place before carrying out the macabre massacre.
(all this information already exists if you can connect all databases from the social media, - Google - Microsoft and AZure, but no one has been able to connect and process the extremely large amount of data, - - This is what the new disk formatting makes possible. - - we just need a government, state or country with the resources and capacity to collect the extremely large amounts of data in its own encrypted "ReFS" formatted data store)

Purely military strategic, a military missile can be sent from a depot, against a GPS coordinated target, and hit precisely. (this is possible with stationary targets today)

Today, the Air Force uses heat-generating diversion "boers" and the aircraft quickly changes course to avoid missiles and other anti-aircraft fire.

With the AI technology, firstly, you can "ping" the target's GEO coordinates extremely quickly, but you can also create a small API that is implemented in a missile or a drone
The API is implemented with GEO coordinates that the AI has "picked up" by "Pinging" - IP addresses (which are found in large quantities in the F16 - Su-57 you want to destroy)
The AI software you have implemented in the new light wight missile is so extremely fast, and can "Ping" and calculate new target coordinates faster than the pilot can move the joystick, and the new Combi-missile changes course extremely quickly because it weighs less and follows the target plane's course 100%, - - regardless of how skilled the pilot is, and regardless no matter how many "lights" he emits, the missile will destroy the target, already on the first launch. - - - new missiles can be developed which, when fired at e.g. a Mig29, the missile will track the specific designated Mig29, regardless of whether it is all the way back to the Russian base, or the missile can be programmed to destroy the target over sea or open landscape with no built-up areas, then the missile will hit 100% before the designated Mig29 is home in Russia again.

GEO coordinates are provided by satalites, the new robot weapon receives new GEO coordinates extremely quickly via (AI software) until the robot drone makes visual contact with the target, then the visual target is locked, which the robot drone can visually follow 100% at a given distance , regardless of what deviating maneuvers the Mig29 pilot performs. - - when the new hyper weapon is locked onto vital parts of the target, the software can be programmed to maintain a distance that makes it possible to destroy the target with laser burner as standard weapon or a simple 7.62 rifle projectile - - - the new hyper weapon is cheaper in use and it can be used again and again

We know that all "Chip cards" used for online communication can be ("pinged") for GEO coordinates and can be targets for rocket and anti-aircraft attacks, - - - therefore the Visual tracking is brilliant, because with the new AI software you , can turn off the "Chip card" when the last GEO coordinate has been received. therefore, the new weapon cannot be tracked and can visually seek new targets in the air - on land and at sea. (the new AI software itself cannot be tracked while calculating a new visual target)
Because the default weapon is a laser burner, the Hyperdrone never runs out of ammunition

It will also be possible to "ping" the IP address of all the Russian pilots, - - a bit like "Huawaii China" (remember we work with extremely large data stores) and thus the Geo coordinates of all Russian pilots. If the US, with the help of AI technology, implements that strategy, the Pentagon can sit back and wait for Putin to send his pilots on the wings, and before they get out of the hangar, the AI will automatically call all the pilots and announce in Russian "Hello Groki Jeliski, if you go on the wings now, you will become a victim of our new missile system before you have reached the planned cruising altitude in 8 minutes". - - if the pilots defy the warning once, - they will never do it again and the world will be a little more stressful to live in.

If the Russian pilot does not bring his or the military's mobile phone in his Su-57, then his mobile phone has quickly "gossiped" to the Pentagon's AI - brain with information about the GEO coordinates of the machine he is to fly, and the Pentagon can prepare the Missile designed for his Su-57 , after which the AI software implemented in the missile designed for "Groki Jeliski's" Su-57, will follow the movement of "Groki Jeliski's" Mig29 in the air to the Ukrainian border, and the second the Su-57 crosses the border to Ukraine, the missile will hit the Mig, regardless of "Groki Jeliski's" skillful diversionary maneuvers.

The revolutionary thing about AI is the extremely fast data processing method in conjunction with the ability to process extremely large blocks of data simultaneously.
imagine Putin sending 750 Su-57 as a unified strike force, then development of AI will make it possible to prepare a missile for all 750 Migs and ALL missiles follow every single "Mig" movement in the air and ALL are programmed to destroy the designated Mig29 wherever it may be.

What will Putin say if not a single one of the 750 Su-57 returns. - - I don't know much about drones, but there must also be tracking capabilities in drones, otherwise it is also possible to equip own drones with a simple photograph of a Mig29 - an F16 and an F35 and program all drones to only shoot down the Mig29 and Not F16 and F35 - - - An intelligently programmed AI based software, can be programmed to extremely fast, to process large amounts of data, including photos, and will with 100% certainty be able to tell the difference between the MIG29 - Su-57 flying ahead and the F16 flying next to. - - - instead of sending own pilots into battle against 750 Russian Mig29. then the Pentagon can save the pilots' lives by sending drones into battle, which are cheaper and more accurate.
A drone does not take a coffee break and can be relatively simply programmed to know the visual difference between its own objects and only shoot down enemy planes - rockets -- drones and missiles.


Development of a drone with extreme speed and extremely fast AI tracking software will be "a superior weapon" as the physical limitation of the pilot, as well as the pilot's weight, are taken out of the equation, - - when you then add AI extremely fast and structured software (about 50 -100 - - not % but x faster, - - then we have something that works, and it will be possible to produce an extremely long-range weapon with 100% accuracy, but also a weapon that can follow and "capture" with 100% accuracy a moving target - - - 100% hit accuracy, because the new weapon with its light weight in combination with the extremely fast AI software will, with super supersonic -- hypersonic speed, regardless of Human performance and impact, be able to maneuver and - change course and capture a object in motion, both on the ground, on water and in the air. (the deviation maneuvers fighter jets use today are out of play because we use, and can switch between Geo-coordinates or direct visual targeting "because AI can recognize an aircraft from a other, also two apparently identical Mig29")
AI. - the new weapon downloads Geo coordinates from a satellite and at the moment of first contact with the target, a visual photo is taken, and the new weapon can choose to pursue the target visually, or combine with extremely fast new Geo coordinates from the satellite, if it is a large troop movement or many flying objects, the new weapon will pick up a visual target and the satellite can be released to deliver coordinates to the next drone until all 750 enemy drones have been visually identified and destroyed.(1 hypersonic lightweight drone can destroy 100ds enemy flying "gliding" drones if there is enough "solid hydrogen fuel" for the operation.)

Updated Harvard scientists January 27 - 2023
The new lightweight jet fuel

Liquid hydrogen metal
makes up the majority of the interiors of large gas planets, so a small, silvery droplet can make scientists much smarter about planets like Jupiter and Saturn. But more importantly, the feat of creating "hydrogen metal" under extremely high pressure is a major step towards creating solid metallic hydrogen, which according to physicists' theory is a true wonder material. With hydrogen metal in solid form as fuel, spacecraft will be able to reach further into space than ever before, and in high-voltage lines and electrical circuits, the metal will be able to conduct current without resistance.

If you think a little more "out of the box",
It will be most profitable to use and develop the new AI technology in specific actions where we can save human lives by using the software - - regardless of Human performance and impact - - weapons - war - and fighter pilots . - It vill also be possible to produce such a drone that can be stored in Arizona or on an aircraft carrier. from where it can be programmed to fly to a given base for refueling or weapon change, from strategically placed launch bases closest to the target, or simply to return to a strategically placed base for reuse for the next mission. - - - Everything can be controlled from a basement in the Arizona desert.

"THINK OUT OF THE BOX:"---- 25,000 drones, packed on the aircraft carrier "USS Monterey". can replace 50,000 men. which in just a few hours can be deployed anywhere on the globe where there is a need for air defense or the destruction of enemy military on land - in water or in the air. - - - no paid military who take a coffee break, eat and go to the toilet. - - no expenses for body bags and funerals.
(the new weapon with "Artificial intelligence" software does not replace behind live personnel, but is also a superior weapon against tanks and larger troop movements, because satellite information can be turned into action extremely quickly, and completely - - regardless of Human performance and impact.


The AI artificial intelligence, makes it possible to bring the new hypersonic 15 Mach Laser drone, in a position of <=15 m from the target, from which the new weapon can simultaneously lock onto a visual part of the target, and from there destroy the target with only a 2000W lightweight Laser burner. - - regardless of how quickly the target changes course or rolls.

When you can bring a drone into a fixed position near the target, it will also be possible to destroy an aircraft by "digital spamming" (e.g. of the altimeter, heat meter, etc.)

"THINK MORE OUT OF THE BOX:"---- 5,000 supersonic drones, (it can be the very sheap one) packed on the B-2 Stealth Bomber. can replace 5,000 - F16 fighter jet. which in just a few hours can be dropped from the B-2 Stealth Bomber at very high attitude anywhere on the globe where there is a need for air defense or the destruction of enemy military on land - in water or in the air. - - - no paid military who take a coffee break, eat and go to the toilet. - - no expenses for body bags and funerals.

First drop is coded to fight flying objects, with laser and light weapons (because the new AI software can lock onto a flying object, and follow the object at a distance of 15m and destroy the target with only a 2000 watt lightweight laser burner, or less) .
The next team is coded with more powerful ammunition for armored guns and vehicles on the ground

Last drop is coded to recon, photograph and clean up if there is more living in the area.
And the B-2 Stealth Bomber is already home safely
All drones return to the nearest aircraft carrier or land base and land vertically for reuse.

The new hypersonic Mach 9 drones/missiles can take many forms, which must be calculated by specialists in the field, depending on the specific work area, but it is certain that all can return to the base and land vertically for recycling and weapon reloading.

The speed of the new AI is decisive when we are talking about flying objects with up to March 9 speed. but perhaps the most revolutionary thing is that a drone - a weapon can be launched with GEO target coordinates, and with what we know as AI, today, we are able to "Real track" a target at extremely high speed. - - - What is more interesting is that when a weapon/drone has completed its first task, it reports "well done" and searches for the next target. Here, new Geo coordinates can be received from satellite, (but then the drone is a target for anti-aircraft fire)

Or the drone can "thermally" search for a new target, and visually lock onto another SU-57 - - - AI has given the new drone "eyes", and the drone is invisible to anti-aircraft fire.

I don't know if you can say that "it was positive future perspectives"

However, the negative sides are:

In the case of full utilization of AI, a great deal still needs to be developed, but / and it requires extremely large storage capacity or a military superserver and several skilled computer scientists to "package" the storage hierarchically correctly in the "cloud" or on the military superserver. - wich are available and can develop the language "Pyton - VB6 - VB.NET - and can "package" parameter-ready RS232 data blocks for an extreme (AI fast) intellegent SQL quarry. - - - We have none of these today, and the speed "in the digital infrastructure network" today is not sufficient, and the necessary speed (before we can talk about "artificial intelligence") is lost in too slow integrity .. Therefore, AI will only be able to be used by states and dictatorships with very large funds available for inversion in building the extremely large knowledge database the AI architecture must use in order to deliver the desired result correctly.

If a state or dictatorship is willing and able to build the extremely large knowledge databases, then we clearly have a "First Mover" who has the opportunity to take over the complete and absolute world domination, and AI is a tool to be able to keep the complete world domination.

The DANGEROUS thing is that AI in itself can help to suppress a development of knowledge that will ever threaten the "First mover" of world domination.

The thought becomes intolerable if the "First mover" is called Putin - Xi - The rocked man - Ayatollah Kromani -? -?

It's not just scion fiction, or the title of a creepy future movie about world domination.

It is only a question of who and when the "First mover" is ready to invest in the necessary resources to solve the task.

AI today (if you can call it intelligence) is comparable to a chicken brain or a parrot, extreme repetition is the cornerstone of learning. (place a parrot in a room and repeat 10 times daily, over three years "you are stupid", - - after three years, another human opens the door and the parrot says what it has learned "you are stupid".

ChatGTB has seen the scam, and has developed an API that can translate one language into another faster than you can read and speak, and because the wide spread requires extremely large amounts of data, chatGTB has teamed up with AZure and Microsoft for further development. (KingCobra-X.com works with GitHub Copilot X Fundamentals in the language Python - VB6 - Asp.net - VB.net as well as the extremely fast and encrypted RS232 data blocks and feeds from Cloud to Local AI structure) And goes through "KingCobra-x.com's" own security encrypted "ReFS" Data Buffer - transmitted by RS232 connection.

Therefore, KingCobra-X.com is not dependent on "AZURE" - Microsoft - Google or other owners of the necessary Extremely large data volumes, but can choose a provider from project to project, or a military defense project can choose to build its own military security encrypted "ReFS" Data Buffer. (which collects data from everyone, including social media) - - - - maybe the plan China - Huawei and Amazon have ?

The development of AI is now gaining momentum and will, in a very short time, radically change the world and the way we live.
Wars will henceforth be conducted by "robots" that take the form of a flying object that maneuvers and moves extremely much faster than the human brain can perceive. - the wars we know today will very soon be Old Fashion history. - - - When the atomic bomb was invented, the world community agreed not to use it because it required too many human lives. today the Atom bomb is used as a deterrent weapon. - In the future, the world community will avoid "Old Fashion" war, because it requires too many human lives and "Modern" war can only be carried out by robots without any loss of human life. (the one who controls the strongest robot brains, - the best developed "AI - artificial intelligence" will also possess world domination - - - maybe only the old atomic bomb can change that fact)

We must remember that a well-developed AI structure can in itself contribute to suppressing the possibility of another world order, therefore whoever has reached the status of world ruler can use a well-developed AI structure "artificial intelligence" as a threat, in the same way as the Atomic Bomb.

Not many take AI seriously, very very few understand what AI is, - ChatGPT (which started the AI interest) is used by a few, for fun, for image manipulation, falsifying reality and for translation of speech and writing and the "news AI" is soon uninteresting. - this because no one has seen the danger or understood the possibilities. - "AZURE" has made a knowledge database available, but it is neither secure nor sufficient for a "chicken brain" that can perform very simple operations that are completely unvarnished and anyone can see if the "student" has used ChatGTB to write the assignment or whether a photo has been manipulated.

"Eurasia Group's" 2024 Top Risks Report, on 8 January 2024, has indexed the world community's 5 worst risk scenarios, and has assessed risk parameter 4: with the designation "Ungoverned AI" - uncontrolled development of artificial intelligence. https://www.eurasiagroup.net/live-post/risk-4-ungoverned-ai

We think that is clearly wrong. Already today we have a risk - a threat, if you will. - - The "atomic bomb" - - - as we mention further up in the article, is the risk of "the wrong" - "first mower" taking world domination with the help of AI. (not as many lives but, same accident, same threat as the atomic bomb)
The state or dictatorship that has "intellect" resources and is capable of building the extremely large knowledge databases on the new "ReFS" technology, - - - then we clearly have a "First mover" that has the opportunity to take over complete and absolute world domination, and AI is , in itself, a tool to be able to retain complete world domination.
For me, it will clearly be a risk that must be indexed as NR1 on the list. - - the Risk is just ahead and already in 2024 -2025 a "First Mower" will be able to end all ongoing and future wars, or the opposite "if the world domination changes uniform"

Kim Jong-un could be one of the very few who have the power and capacity to develop Artificial Intelligence for use in war.
The European Union "Ursula von der Leyen" will also limit AI, - to the sweet side. - - Be nice play nice.
Do you think Kim Jong-un or for that matter Putin would listen to you if you said something like "Ursula von der Leyen". You can only develop AI to be "cute" - - Be nice play nice.

Those who think so, including those who have voted in the European Parliament, simply do not know what they are talking about. - - What we are talking about is Very - Very long from ChatGPT and other fear scenarios. - - only very, very few know how the architecture of AI should be put together to give the full strength.

Just as no one knew what an Atomic bomb was until 6 and 9 August 1945, when the United States launched the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The difference is that on first use/trigger against a foreign power, not as many civilians will be lost

With the atomic bomb there is a long-term effect and more than an age later there are malformations of fetuses caused by radiation. Compared to AI, whoever first further develops artificial intelligence and uses it for war, - -"the first mover" - - - will in the future, with the help of AI, be able to rule undemocratically, and oppress both their own population and the affected population in perpetuity. - - it will please Kim Jong-un if he becomes the "first mover".

Who is strong enough to manifest as the "FIRST MOVER" ?

Here is a very simple example of what artificial intelligence - AI, can be used for.

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Artificial intelligence

What is your background for having an opinion on the election in the USA?

TP 25-01-2024 21:50:16
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Artificial intelligence

Nothing at all, - except that I live and have given birth to children in a world society in which you (hopefully) also live.
And, ? by the way, I have been working with what you call "artificial intelligence" ever since Apple launched the first PC, and I still live in the same world community, and I still develop software for robots that also work in the United States.

Tonny Parnell 25-01-2024 22:15:14
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